Olympic Triathlons (with pictures)

In my 25 years of being a Sports Injury Chiropractor, I have worked with Triathletes of all levels. In the last year I have now taken up the sport, I’m training for the triathlons and it has become the healthy lifestyle that involves fitness.

On a personal level, I have been challenged with my own mechanical limitations and injuries. I really enjoy the variety of training and I feel it is a complete test that requires a lot of focus and determination.

I have also relied on the help received from my Chiropractor, Dr. Alan Irving. He keeps my machinery balanced and able to take on the training load with less risk of injury and the quicker recovery from the injuries sustained under the repetitive mechanical load of this type of training.

Ironically, it was a running injury two years earlier that got me on the bike and into the swimming pool. Now I’m doing triathlons.

I believe in taking negative experiences and turning them around into a positive outcome. To date, I have now completed five triathlons, four sprints and one Olympic. I have posted some pictures from this summer’s events below (if you are a triathlete, or want to become one, our office would love to be part of your team in achieving fun and fitness, and a healthy, balanced lifestyle):

Crossing the finish line

Gordon running

Gordon on a bike

Gordon running

And here are some pics from the 1st annual MEC Langley Sprint Triathlon (Aug 10/14). Three of my patients also competed in the event – from left to right: Karen, Alenna (3rd place in her age group!) and Marlee.

The triathlon gang

Triathlon in progress

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