Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Manage Repetitive Strain

Increasing awareness pertaining to exercise, nutrition and taking proper care of our bodies makes many of us take proper precautions when it comes to doing strenuous activities and exercises. We always go an extra mile to ensure the proper usage of belts, health gear, stretching and muscle relaxation techniques to make sure we don’t injure ourselves. However, not all injuries result from strenuous exercise. Some repetitive strain injury can also occur due to your day-to-day routine. To address these kinds of injuries, you may need help and advice from a certified chiropractor.

Repetitive strain injury: definition

Typically, a repetitive strain injury is caused as a result of rapid, repeated use of specific muscles and joints over a lengthy period of time. Such injuries exhibit symptoms like numbness, tingling, burning sensations, swelling, and aching pain in a particular spot of your body. Repetitive strain injury can occur to anyone. Right from athletes such as tennis players and golfers to tradespeople (like jackhammer operators and assembly line workers). Even simple activities like prolonged video gaming, usage of the computer, and a few crafts like knitting or cross stitching can be a source of repetitive strain injuries.

Types of repetitive strain injury

According to leading health experts, repetitive strain injuries can occur at different spots in the body causing one or a combination of above-stated symptoms. However, there are a few commonly recognized types of injuries:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff injuries

Any kind of repetitive injury can aggravate if left untreated. In fact, many people reportedly stop doing a particular activity in a bid that the pain or discomfort will correct itself, only to find that such a discomfort goes away only temporarily if left without treating.

How can chiropractic help?

If you start experiencing any symptoms in your body, especially in your hands, wrists, arms, or shoulders, make sure to consult a chiropractor immediately. The chances are that the issue may not be as serious as it appears. However, it is best to try and get a detailed assessment from a registered and qualified chiropractor to rule out any possibility of a serious condition. Many people respond well to chiropractic treatments and are able to carry out their routine efficiently after a few treatments.

Almost all the chiropractic treatments are structured to restore the healthy functioning of your spine. They also repair the related muscles and ligaments to ensure a smooth, quick and long lasting recovery. Here are a few treatments offered by chiropractors:

  • Manual therapy: This technique is used when a particular joint isn’t moving as well as it should. A chiropractor helps to regain motion within a joint using manual therapy.
  • Soft tissue therapy: A soft tissue therapy is used to relax and treat taut muscles or muscles that have become sore due to repetitive usage.
  • Exercise therapy/self-management: For exercise therapy and self-management, chiropractors may prescribe some simple, body weight exercises to do at home. These are meant to ease your pain and prevent recurring injury.

Apart from the above approaches, chiropractors may also advise you on how to maintain your sitting posture, what should be the height of your chair, how to take breaks during your day at a desk job and how to regain muscle strength. If this sounds like some of the issues that you wish to address, speak to Paterson Chiropractic for a detailed analysis and solution of your health concerns.

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