Pediatric Care

While newborns, infants and young children don’t have back pain or neck aches as of yet, they do have a developing nervous system within a rapidly growing spinal column. As is the case with fully grown adults, children can experience dysfunctional spinal joints or subluxation that can irritate their nerves, causing problems in other locations in the body.Pediatric Care Paterson Chiropractic

At Paterson Chiropractic, we put as much care and efficiency in the pediatric services we provide as with any other spinal treatment method. Common conditions we see with infants and children in our office include asthma, allergies, bed-wetting, growing pains and infantile colic. Chiropractic treatment methods are highly effective in treating these issues, as many of them stem from issues relating to spinal misalignment and muscle or joint stress.

Other conditions, like subluxation (a slight misalignment in the vertebrae), can result from going through a traumatic birthing experience. This may refer to suction delivery, in-utero-constraint, medication, breech delivery, sedentary lifestyle or just general stress. Even C-sections can result in anxiety for the newborn, as they’ve missed out on the spinal moulding process that happens when passing through the birth canal. Both young and older children experience bodily stressors that can affect their spinal development. When you make an appointment with our licensed chiropractors at Langley’s Paterson Chiropractic, your child will receive a personalized treatment plan based on their age and weight. With gentle exercises and specified alignment techniques, we’ll ensure the normal development of your child.