Welcome to Paterson Family Chiropractic Clinic in Langley

Dr. Gordon Paterson and the staff at our Langley clinic are grateful that you have chosen us as your healthcare provider. We wish to thank you for the trust and the great feedback you have been providing us over the years. You rock, Langley!

Walk-ins welcome

If you recently injured yourself and are having hard time moving around, it is imperative that you visit the office sooner rather than after the spasm sets in later on. The sooner you receive the treatment, the shorter the healing process will be.

Our clinic is located at #103 9292 200th Street in Beautiful Langley, BC – that’s about a block and a half behind Colossus Theatre in the plaza with a Quiznos and Shell gas station. In our plaza, there is plenty of parking space right in front of the office. Just check to make sure we are open (see our hours of operation on the right of this page).

Become a part of our story

Have back/neck/shoulder/foot/joint pain, headaches, suffering from a sports injury or just want to improve your sports/training performance? Call our office today at 604-888-8982 and talk to our receptionist about an appointment. Some of our services include:


We are confident our treatment and services will help you and would love it if you would share your recovery story with us.

We offer our services to patients in: Langley, Maple Ridge, Walnut Grove, Clayton Heights, Fort Langley and other local areas.


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