Top Running Related Injuries and Why a Chiropractor can Help You Combat Them

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just those with inertia and an inactive lifestyle that suffer from muscle pulls and sprains from lack of exercise. Sporty people and runners are equally prone to tissue wear and tear. In Canadian summers especially, running and outdoor sports are the nation’s favourite past-time.

The reasons are simple; you don’t need expensive equipment for sprinting, it burns calories fast, plus it helps you maintain weight, blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol, and stress. Most importantly, running helps you breathe in fresh air, something that you seldom get at the gym. However, there is a downside too. If you don’t take sufficient precautions, you could be in for trouble. One fall and you’re done! A fracture, muscle pull, torn ligament, knee strain or spinal injury are extremely hard to recover from.

Here are a few common injuries that can take the steam out of runners:

Running Injuries That Can Stop You in Your Tracks

1. Piriformis: Literally a pain in the butt, this condition affects runners but can be treated with specific stretches with chiropractic guidance.
2. Runner’s Knee: Your knee is most used while running hence is most prone to injuries. This is a painful condition that occurs when your kneecap cartilage gets inflamed. Eventually, it can soften and cause further damage.
3. Iliotibial Band Syndrome: The injury is as complicated as its name. The Iliotibial is a band of tissue stretches from your pelvis to your hip and knee, keeping it stable when you run. When it stretches too tightly, it can put pressure on the femur bone, making you wince or yell in pain if it’s not treated in time.
4. Meniscal Injuries: These are your body’s shock absorbers. If the tissues wear down, running becomes increasingly impossible.
5. Patellar Tendinitis: Commonly called “jumper’s knee,” runners are prone to this injury below the kneecap that comes from regular stress and strain.

Your Family Chiropractor can keep you on the track to fitness if you follow these tips.

1. Running Shoes: A pair of good running shoes keeps your feet snug for running comfort. Ill-fitting shoes hurt and damage your feet. Invest in reliable brands that come equipped with good grip, firm soles, and shoelaces that stay in place.
2. Flexibility and Mobility: For greater mobility and recovery from injuries, you need to work on those joints. Get them moving through yoga, gentle stretches, and warm-ups before you trot down the track. Free movement gives your body a natural grace that allows it to endure longer runs. Consult your chiropractor to know which stretches work best.
3. Reduce Healing Time: Get well soon cards after an injury may remind you how much your loved ones care for you. However, if you truly care for them, prevent injuries in the first place. Sprains and fractures from falls can take weeks and months to heal. Even after you bounce back, the limbs remain vulnerable, acting up from time to time. You can’t stop accidents even after you look after yourself, but you can use chiropractic care to recover fast and build strength.

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